Gold is precious metal with the chemical symbol Au from Latin Aurum. It is a very resistant metal on which the external influences do not have any effect, is not corrosive and resistant to acids, salts, and alkalis. Gold has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, but it is relatively soft.

Since the beginning of humanity, it has been used for the production of decorative objects and jewellery and as a currency. It has now become an essential subject in electronics due to low transient resistance and corrosion resistance.

Gold is the most lucrative metal and also the best fusible metal that has begun to be used among the first peoples since it can be found in pure form as nuggets.

Since ancient times, it has been associated with immortality and glory for its long lifetime and resistance against corrosion.

Pure gold has a pure yellow shiny colour and only reacts with royal lichen in nature. One gram of this track metal can be knocked into incredible 0.5 square meters due to its dullness and excellent ductility.

Mining of gold and its usage was already in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Ancient Greece and Rome, where they improved the hydraulic mining and thus satisfied the expanding demand from the higher social classes.

In China, gold has been used as an official currency since 1091 BC, and for its softness, the coins that were minted all over the world and especially in Europe were coined. The most famous gold coin Ducat was widely spread in royal and imperial families, including Bohemia and Austria. In Czechia, the first gold coins were Rainbow cups that were used by Celtic tribes.

Gold is widely used in jewellery, especially in alloy with zinc, copper, platinum or nickel). Gold content in jewellery is expressed in carats. Gold is also used in dentistry as a dental alloy to fill the teeth of infected dental caries. It is used because it is resistant to the aggressive environment in the oral cavity and is not subject to oxidation. The gold function is also in the glass industry, where a solution of complex gold compounds in the organic matrix is applied with a brush After annealing, it evaporates, and a golden picture remains on the glass. A small amount of gold in the glass result in the colouring of the glass in different shades of red colour.